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Social Media Management

App Design/Development

Analytics & Insights

Web Design & Development

Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Automation

International Ecommerce

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Web Design/Development

Is your web presence optimized correctly? Did you know that any website that isn't mobile-friendly drops severely in the search rankings? This could take your website from page 1 to page 5 in search results.

Lead Generation

Does your web presence capture leads? Correctly? Is your automated process comfortable to your new found and potential customers? We've seen conversion rates skyrocket with a properly implemented process.

Search Marketing

Is your site hurting your business? Improper keyword phrases and missing data/icon images could be driving your search rankings down the toilet. We optimize continually to ensure your customers can find you on demand.


So you've added SalesForce or SugarCRM. Now what? More than 80% of companies have their CRM or Lead Generation tool improperly administered. One call and we'll have our internal experts at your door with proven strategies that deliver success!


95% of companies that install Google Analytics do not use or have no idea what to do with the data. Knowing your customers, where they're coming to you from, and how they're coming to you is critical to your online success.

Snapshot of Aura Digital Solutions

Last Month's
Most Requested Services:

Search Engine Optimizing/Marketing

Website Design/Redesign w/ SEO & SEM

Tech Consulting

Lead Acquisition & Data Management

AURA Digital helps you in every aspect of your online business:

We acquire and service the customers.

We focus on maximizing lifetime value.

We own or share accountability of results.

We maximize ROI to ensure our profitability.

Last Month's
Most Requested Services:

Search Engine Optimizing
Search Engine Marketing

Website Design/Redesign
Adding SEO & SEM

Management Technology &
Data Consulting

Lead Acquisition &
Data Management

We've Proudly Facilitated:

Captured and managed 5,000,000+ worldwide customers.

Processed more than $20,000,000,000 worldwide.

Taken 200+ companies to skyrocketing profit margins.

Connected companies w/ 10,000,000+ social media contacts.

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