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App Design & Development

Optimizing your every online experience!


We plan, analyze, scope, and research every project before we ever dream of designing, coding, or deploying.


Following Project Planning, we present mockups to illustrate the entire flow of the app.

Code & Develop

We design, code, develop to the plan and spend adequate time in the QA process to ensure a bug-free project is deployed.

App Consulting

Following deployment, Aura Digital Solutions can be positioned to
consult in all services that takes your app from Idea to Fully Funded!

Website Design & Development

Optimizing your every online experience!


You'll find that Aura Digital Solutions pays very close attention to your project and captures all of the fine details.


We build responsive sites that help the attractiveness and the future SEO components flourish.


Because of our internal marketing thought processes, all of our sites are built to engage your visitors.

Full Service Optimization

Optimizing your every online experience!


App Store Optimization is key in our current world with App Stores that are flooded with apps. Proper keywords, descriptions, images, videos, and general content are a must. Otherwise, get lost in a sea of results. Ask us how!


Search Engine Optimization done correctly can win you hundreds of thousands of visits, views, and clicks. We monitor, analyze, strategize, and maintain your every SEO initiative to ensure proper implementation and desired results.


We've partnered w/ the best solutions for full Search Engine Marketing strategies. Need a CPA, CPC, CPM campaign? Our Affiliates are prime to perform world-wide best practices for you and your organization.


Optimizing your every online experience!


Our Digital Marketing work speaks volumes. More importantly, it speaks tremendous results. From IBM to your local Mom-and-Pop shop, we're proud of our work and we look forward to working with you.


We implement social media strategies that win you Follows, Views, Likes, and campaign conversions. Not only do we come up with your strategies, we track, monitor, and manage them as well.


Some think long term. So do we. Every client and every project is dealt with the same professionalism and processes that make you successful. Put our Strategic Thinkers to work and love the results.

Analytics & Insights

Optimizing your every online experience!


87% of companies that use Google Analytics are using it incorrectly or not at all.


Facebook has a new Insights Tool. Did you know? Have you tested it? You're lost without it!


Aura Digital can manage this for your and your brand. Give us a call and find out how!

Digital Automation

Optimizing your every online experience!


Does your web presence automatically communicate to your staff and your visitors?


If your web presence isn't producing automatic results, than you need Aura!


Contact us today to find out how we can simplify your processes and get you more clients!

User Experience | User Interface

Optimizing your every online experience!

-- Included in Every Project --

Even on our most complex projects, nothing gets delivered
until our internal UX and UI Expert reviews it in detail!

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